Successful Business and IT Services in
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Offer impressive customer experiences

With Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can offer your customers personalized, integrated omnichannel shopping experiences via stationary and distance selling, thereby strengthening your brands.

Reach customers through all sales channels

With Dynamics 365 Commerce, your customers can decide on which device and where they want to shop. With the latest technologies, you can ensure a consistent and integrated process across all online and offline channels at all times.

Exceeding expectations and building customer loyalty

Gain a complete overview of your customer base on a comprehensive retail application, fulfill customer wishes on all channels and use loyalty programs to promote lasting relationships with intelligent tools that strengthen your brands.

Well equipped for increasing sales in e-commerce

With a retail solution that adapts to your needs via all new and traditional e-commerce channels from product development and purchasing to shipping and invoicing.

Optimieren Sie ihre Prozesse im stationären Geschäft

Mit einer voll integrierten Point of Sale-Lösung erstellen Sie effektive Geschäftsprozesse, integrierte Headquarter-Funktionen mit stets aktuellen Stammdaten und werden unterstützt durch KI-Technologien und maschinellem Lernen.

Secure the opportunity for business adaptations

Map your currently defined target business processes with different characteristics and a configurable and expandable platform that corresponds to global security and compliance standards.

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