Dynamics AX Update 2 released

Microsoft has released Update 2 for the new Dynamics AX in August 2016. Since in May 2016 Update 1 was already released with application version 7.0.1265.23014 and platform version 7.0.4127.16103 with Update 2 the application version remains the same and platform version upgrades to 7.0.423.16130.

The biggest changes in Update 2 are as follows:

  • additional possibilities for developing extensions in Views, several override methods in forms etc.
  • incremental Push-Mechanism and Change Tracking for entities
  • differentiation between public- and non-public Java Script API-functions when developing extensible Controls (changes in non-public Java Script API-functions are planned for Update 3)
  • use of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) in Azure-Deployments with Dynamics AX 7.2 (Overview of Azure-Ressource-Manager)
  • Monitoring of SQL Server Azure queries in realtime e.g. blocking queries and table locks
  • simple insert or shifting of steps in the task recorder
  • Document Routing Agent can now be used as windows service with custom user context

Details for updates in Update 2 for Dynamics AX can be found here: What’s new or changed in Dynamics AX platform version 7.2

The actual Dynamics AX Update 2 can be downloaded under Lifecycle Services with the description “August 2016 Update” as Azure-Instance Topology “Azure”) or it can be downloaded locally as virtual machine (Topology “Locally”).

Options in Lifecycle Services:

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