Dynamics AX is now Dynamics 365 for Operations

Microsoft has changed the product name of Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 for Operations after 10 years.
Under the name Dynamics 365 the various Dynamics products Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics NAV etc. are now combined.


In addition to this basic name change for Dynamics AX, some improvements have been released with Dynamics 365 for Operations Update 3.

The changes are divided into Platform Update and Application Update.
An excerpt of the changes in both areas is as follows.

Platform Update:

  • the application is now divided into more models
  • Dynamics 365 for Operations provides a mobile app. For the mobile app, special simplified forms can be developed in Visual Studio.
  • verringerte Downtime durch verbesserte Packages

Application Update:

  • new “Owner” inventory dimension for consignment of materials
  • Create a consignment replenishment order with new dimension “Owner”
  • default order settings for the stock keeping unit (SKU) or a partial SKU
  • Create a nomenclature for product variant numbers
  • improved search for products and product variants in sales and purchase scenarios
  • new module for cost accounting
  • improved Vendor collaboration
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