Intercompany Master Planning in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Within intercompany master planning in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, it is possible to calculate net material requirements and pass them on to another affiliated companies via an intercompany connection.
When the requirements are transferred, an order is made for the connected legal entity, in which case the corresponding order appears.

Depending on the selected plan, it is possible to transfer short-term requirements from confirmed sales orders as well as long-term, calculated requirements (for example Demand forecasting) to the affiliated ic client. A special feature is the ability to display requirements that have not yet been created and transferred, as planed orders (please refer: planned intercompany orders, call through Master Planning > Inquiries and reports > Intercompany master planning > depending on the scheduling direction: Incoming planned intercompany demand/Outbound planned intercompany demand) in subsequent legal entities.

This feature gives companies the ability to optimize economic metrics such as process lead time and delivery reliability. Depending on whether certain components of an article (for example, BOM items such as semi-finished products) are produced by the company itself or produced by affiliated companies, the corresponding settings can be made for the released product (Default order type: Purchase Order, Vendor: affiliated company).

You can set the Scheduling sequence in which the intercompany master planning process of the participating clients is defined, under Master Planning > Setup > Demand Forecasting > Intercompany planning groups.

By setting up an „Automatic firming time fence (in days)“ on the corresponding article, requirements, in the form of an automated order or order processing, can be created as orders by the intercompany master planning.

Dynamicon has successfully implemented master planning and intercompany master planning in several Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations projects, delivering added value in terms of process cycle times, scheduling transparency, and inventory optimization.

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