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Microsoft Dynamics 365


We support you to get the most out of your technology investments. We use our technology knowledge and implementation experience to help your solutions deliver the best possible results. In addition, with our methodology and agile implementation expertise, we make your projects faster, easier and less risky.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a new and unique ERP system. Optimally prepared for a world in which the cloud and mobile devices come first. It is thus one of the first ERP solutions ever created in the cloud and for the cloud. With Microsoft’s new browser-based touchscreen HTML user interface and pioneering business productivity tools that include lifecycle services and workspaces, Microsoft has set new standards for ERP.

We are happy to assist you with the extensive know-how of our experts in the rollout of ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Microsoft Dynamics AX in functional and technical areas of the application.

We offer functional architectural consulting, preparation of requirement documents, conception of the integration scenarios, creation of design documents, implementation of integration tests as well as go-live monitoring based on many years of experience.

Due to the large number of successfully completed projects, we also offer project-related elements such as solution development, development coaching, performance optimization, code review and development coordination in the field of Dynamics development.

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ERP from the cloud

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powerful and individual

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce delivers end-to-end business processes to retailers, including compelling points of sale (POS), omni-channel management, order processing, e-commerce, merchandising, and supply chain management, procurement, and finance.

With the Omni-Channel Management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can handle any scenario: Buyers can shop online and pick them up at the store or buy from one of their stores and pick up the goods from another. You can flexibly process hybrid orders down to the level of individual items.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail’s advanced POS system, your sales representatives have all the information they need to deliver world-class, personalized customer service. They are always aware of orders, purchases, likes, and eventual memberships in clubs or loyalty programs, can perform real-time inventory inquiries, and have back-office support and consolidated sourcing and delivery data.

Powerful analytics and business intelligence capabilities provide aggregated insights that help you increase the accuracy of your sales planning, increasing merchandise availability, and minimizing inventory costs based on customer buying patterns, market data, and externally sourced data. You will also be able to realize potential for improvement in merchandising and in the supply chain.

Logic Apps and BizTalk Server

With the latest technologies integrated into your business applications, we create added value for you in your processes and applications.

Until now, integration has usually been a complex, development-intensive topic – essentially project business and far from the possibility of simple integration. In the development of integration scenarios based on a proven platform, we purposely pursue ways to significantly simplify interfaces. The uncomplicated implementation of a larger number of integrations without complex projects is the ultimate goal.

Here we rely on the strengths of Logic Apps for cloud integration scenarios and BizTalk Server for connecting on premise systems to each other and to the cloud.

SQL Server and Azure SQL

For flexible and high-performance applications, databases are at the heart of the architecture. With the Microsoft data platform, you benefit from industry-leading scalability, performance and availability for mission-critical, intelligent applications.

In the areas of Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL we are available as experts for topics such as performance optimization, database maintenance, database design in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the leader in private and public cloud solutions. As an open cloud platform, it provides access to over 200 pre-configured services. These include AI and Machine Learning, DevOps, Blob Storage, and Azure Active Directory. All of these technologies can be used in addition to and integrated with site-based systems.

We help you leverage your favorite technologies you’ve already invested in, even in the cloud.