Update in times of Corona and a relaxing Easter

Dear customers and business partners, it would certainly be reprehensible not to admit that we are not worried about the Corona virus and the overall economic situation. Since we are 100% dependent on you as an innovative service provider, we would like to master this unusual time together with you and support you in the best possible way.

After using virtual channels (Azure-based applications, Office 365 and team meetings) internally and externally for many years, we can offer all of our services completely virtually and are therefore able to implement all appointments and agreed presentations as planned. Our connection to you with conference tools of your choice (e.g. via Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting) support this process. We are currently concentrating on all of your topics that will also help you in remote appointments and help you to emerge stronger from this exceptional situation. The content and quality of our services remain unchanged at our high level.

From an entrepreneurial point of view, we are also available for extraordinary discussions to discuss ideas and procedures with you, how we can strengthen our cooperation together and advance your day-to-day business in these times.

Despite all the current circumstances, we wish you and your family a nice Easter and relaxing holidays.

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