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Microsoft Dynamics 365

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ERP for discrete manufacturing

Companies are as different as their products and services – and this is especially true of the manufacturing industry with its different production processes. Manufacturers have to keep up with the high competitive pressure, fluctuating raw material prices and new customer requirements. An additional specialty is the often strictly regulated environment with regard to sustainability and compliance in certain industries.

To stay competitive in Germany and worldwide, an efficient business process is more than a necessity. All processes have to fit together seamlessly, and not just within the company. All of this not only places high demands on you, but also on your digital solutions.

With Dynamicon you have the right IT partner at your side and with Microsoft Dynamics 365 the optimal software solution for your business. Thanks to our high level of technical and business know-how in the manufacturing industry, we are able to optimally cover industry-specific requirements and our service portfolio makes a decisive contribution to your company’s success. We support you in using the functionalities of the solutions directly embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We support you in the implementation of discrete manufacturing and processes in the entire supply chain through a central solution. We improve your workflow by optimizing the manufacturing parameters for each product family, including make-to-stock, contract manufacturing and other processes. Optimize your planning with a unified resource planning and planning module to get real-time insights. Optimize various goods flow scenarios for raw materials and finished products through comprehensive warehouse and logistics management. Improve product quality by identifying and solving problems using real-time data and quality management.

Optimized production processes through automated production functions.

Fully integrated and powerful product configurator based on the latest technologies.

Extensive parts list functionalities with integration into production and unlimited level depth.

Production cost calculation for high transparency of the different groups of production costs.

Flexible warehouse processes with MDEs with strong integration into production processes.

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