Successful Business and IT Services in
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Applications

With continuous change in the modern business world, maximum agility and in-depth knowledge of the business world is essential to succeed in highly competitive markets.
That’s the strength of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

With over 18 years of experience in cloud-based and hybrid business applications, Dynamicon provides your business with a flexible and integrated foundation to help you tailor your technology to meet your business needs. At the same time, you can strengthen your employees and promote dialogue with your customers.

Dynamicon’s ERP services are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 – the next generation of cloud-based software for Microsoft business applications on the Azure cloud platform.

ERP for Distance selling and retailers

Offer your customers a buying experience that seamlessly connects all channels through unified processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, the seamless multichannel management system provides the foundation for our solution in ERP deployments for the distance and retail markets. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Financials and Dynamics 365 Commerce network, modify, and optimize your business software and business processes throughout the retail life cycle, as well as grow with your business needs. We can thus support your operations and improve your customer experience for smooth trading. This allows you to use the advantages of digitization both externally and internally.

With our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and our industry expertise from numerous projects, we ensure that our customers fully leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the retail space. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the ability to drive digital transformation through a single, enterprise-wide platform, completely redesigning business processes.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and our help, you can give your employees the tools to take their customers’ buying experience to the next level online and offline in their stores. You’ll be more comfortable with changing needs and customer expectations, and convince your customers with personalized, consistent shopping experiences across websites, mobile devices, in-store and all other channels.

ERP for wholesales

The wholesale business is in competition with demanding customers, global supply chains and numerous systems and products. Wholesale effectiveness requires reliable, integrated operations. Only in this way is it possible to react quickly to trend reversals and to cooperate efficiently with customers and partners.

Dynamicon’s expertise in enterprise-class ERP solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers more efficient supply chain management. Our solutions focus on maximum transparency and real-time analysis. It brings together IT, operations management, logistics and customer service to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

The solution of extensive disposition functions includes predefined supply chain processes that are based on best practices. This not only reduces the time required for implementation, but also the operational risk. The solution is ideal for the vertical supply chain or independent wholesale organizations. It promotes efficiency and ensures greater transparency and higher overall margins.

Our many years of experience with ERP solutions for the wholesale business is based on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations platform. It offers numerous advantages:

  • Maximum transparency in the supply chain, from order processing to inventory and warehousing.
  • Improved forecasting and decision-making based on meaningful metrics and real-time reporting.
  • Simplified price and discount management to optimize profit margins.
  • Improved customer loyalty thanks to easier ordering and faster, more reliable delivery.
  • Faster response to IT developments by scaling and integrating with existing systems as needed.
  • Use of new IT concepts such as service-oriented architecture and Microsoft Azure.

ERP for manufacturing industry

Businesses are as diverse as their products and services – and this is especially true for the manufacturing industry with its different production processes. The high competitive pressure, the fluctuating raw material prices and the new customer requirements have to be met again and again by manufacturers. An additional special feature is the often tightly regulated environment with regard to sustainability and compliance in certain industries.

For you to remain competitive in Germany and worldwide, an efficient business process is more than a necessity. All processes need to fit seamlessly, and not just within the enterprise. All this not only places high demands on you, but also on your digital solutions.

With Dynamicon you have the right IT partner by your side and with Microsoft Dynamics 365 the optimal software solution for your business. Due to our high technical and business know-how in the manufacturing industry, we are able to optimally cover industry-specific requirements and contribute decisively to your company’s success with our service portfolio.
We support you in using the functionalities of the solutions directly embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We support you in implementing discrete manufacturing and processes throughout the supply chain through one centralized solution.
By optimizing the manufacturing parameters for each product family, including make-to-stock, contract manufacturing, and other processes, we improve your workflow.
Optimize your planning with unified resource planning and planning engine to gain real-time insights.
Optimize different material flow scenarios for raw materials and finished products through comprehensive warehouse and logistics management.
Improve product quality by identifying and resolving issues through real-time data and quality management.