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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Maximize financial transparency and profitability

Standardize and automate your financial accounting processes with Dynamics 365 Finance. Forecast results, monitor real-time profitability and make data-driven decisions to improve business development.

Optimize and automate financial accounting processes

Optimize and prioritize tasks to increase process speed, reduce problems and more with integrated applications that you know, such as Office 365.

Make effective financial decisions with artificial intelligence

Optimize financial controlling, improve cash flow, evaluate the robustness of your business and make strategic decisions faster. Enable faster decisions with role-based workspaces that offer embedded Power BI with interactive visualization.

Reduce global complexity and associated risks

With Dynamics 365 Finance, changing local and global requirements can be mapped at any time by setting up a uniform, rule-based chart of accounts and financial dimensions for the effective management of your financial processes.

Reduce costs sensibly and sustainably

Optimize the costs of your branches and divisions by keeping control over budget and current financial planning figures to minimize operating expenses. Manage changing legal requirements with a rule-based configuration service.

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