Successful Business and IT Services in
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Azure DevOps

Groundbreaking tools for planning, teamwork and testing

Thanks to modern development services, you can use Azure DevOps to plan software projects better, collaborate more easily in a team and deliver your code faster.

By applying the DevOps culture, methods and tools, we become more productive in projects with you as a customer and develop better products for your requirements faster. In this way we can increase the satisfaction of our customers. This improved collaboration and productivity is also crucial for achieving business goals.

Azure DevOps components for your success

The following components in Azure DevOps enable faster provision of applications in various application projects.

Azure Boards

Offer all team members added value faster – with proven agile tools with which you can plan, understand and discuss work in the team.


You can build, test, and deploy your code using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI / CD) – this method works with any language, platform, or cloud. Configure a connection to GitHub or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) and provide your code for e.g. Dynamics 365 continuously.

Azure Repos

Take advantage of Git repositories hosted in the cloud or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) and work together as a team to create even better source code with advanced file management.

Azure Artifacts

You can create, host, and share packages with your team, as well as add artifacts to your CI / CD pipelines with a single click.

Azure Test Plans

Test your code with manual and exploratory testing tools and deliver it with a high level of certainty so that it works reliably and project risks are minimized.