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Dynamicon Advanced Integration

Dynamicon Advanced Integration is an add-on based on Dynamics 365 standard functions. Only features that have been tried and tested in practice are used in order to achieve a faster implementation time for integration scenarios in projects.

The following functional extensions represent an extract of the features of Dynamicon Advanced Integration.

  • Improved monitoring options for the existing Dynamics 365 integration features
  • Ease of troubleshooting through central interface tracking functionality
  • Easier integration development through the provision of standardized schemes for Batch Data API
  • Add-on to existing Dynamics 365 functionality / no intervention in basic processing logic
  • Improves the integration of Azure Services with Dynamics 365
  • Facilitates the process of copying from Prod to test or development systems for Batch Data API
  • Enables the controlled import / processing of mass data
  • Sending of delta data with trigger setting option on field level per interface
  • Adaptation of the performance configuration individually to the system conditions