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ERP for wholesale

The wholesale sector sees itself in competition with demanding customers, global supply chains and numerous systems and products. Effectiveness in wholesaling requires reliable, integrated operating procedures. This is the only way to react quickly to changes in trends and to work efficiently with customers and partners.

The expertise of Dynamicon in connection with ERP solutions for wholesaling based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensure more efficient supply chain management. Our solutions rely on maximum transparency and real-time analyzes. It brings IT, operations management, logistics and customer care together to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

The solution of extensive disposition functionalities includes predefined supply chain processes that are based on best practices. This not only reduces the implementation time, but also the operational risk. The solution is ideal for the vertical supply chain or stand-alone wholesale organizations. It promotes efficiency and ensures more transparency and higher overall margins.

Our many years of experience with ERP solutions for wholesaling is based on the powerful Dynamics 365 supply chain management platform and offers numerous advantages.

Maximum transparency in the supply chain, from order processing to inventory and warehousing.

Improved forecasting and decision-making processes based on meaningful key figures and real-time reports.

Simplified price and discount management to optimize profit margins.

Improved customer loyalty thanks to easier ordering and faster, more reliable delivery.

Faster reaction to developments in IT through scaling and integration with existing systems.

Use of new IT concepts such as service-oriented architecture and Microsoft Azure.