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BizTalk Server

The leading enterprise integration platform

BizTalk Server is the leading integration platform due to its widespread use and numerous technological possibilities. BizTalk Server is a hybrid platform that optimally covers the needs of both areas, OnPremise and Cloud, and connects them seamlessly.

With this middleware, you can cover the whole range of integration requirements and combine the cloud and on-premise areas seamlessly and easily and in a comprehensible manner.

The current version of BizTalk Server 2020 covers the following integration areas:

  • Connection of cloud services with adapters for Service Bus, Event Hubs, API Management, Office 365 Mail, Azure Blob Storage
  • Manage BizTalk Server environments using the new BizTalk Server REST APIs
  • Secure access to the settings of the BizTalk Server infrastructure with the administrator view “Read-only”
  • API management for all resources (on-premise and cloud)
  • Deployment with Azure DevOps – Application Life Cycle Management to provide and update BizTalk Server instances
  • Transport Layer Security 1.2 – Deploying BizTalk Server using TLS 1.2 authentication and encryption
  • Advanced Scheduling for Receive Locations with better settings for time zones, months, weeks and days
  • Application Insights – Send BizTalk Server tracking data to Application Insights for advanced analysis to better understand your BizTalk Server’s performance and usage
  • Power BI Integration – Analyze and report BizTalk Server tracking data using Power BI
  • A new version of Enterprise Single Sign-On

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