Cross-Company data sharing in Dynamics AX

The feature of virtual companies (in Dynamics AX until version AX 2012 R3) has been updated in Dynamics AX 7/Dynamics 365 for Operations under the name “Cross-Company Data Sharing”.
It is now possbile to configure seperate tables and table fields for data sharing between different companies without development tasks. In the past it was necessary to develop Table Collections in AX.

In the Form “System -> Configuration -> Cross-Company Data Sharing” you can add several tables and table fields to a Sharing Policy for companies. It is only allowed to select tables which are not in the table groups of “Parameter” or “Main”.

When activiating the Sharing Policy the data of the configured table fields is automatically distributed to the companies:


In our example the column “SalesPoolId” of table “SalesPool” is distributed to the companies USMF and USRT. The field “Name” in table “SalesPool” remains company specific.

Besides the data distribution of data when activating the Sharing Policy there are also different SQL objects created. In background SQL-Server triggers for Insert, Update and Delete are created.


This new approach for data distribution over company groups is very flexible and fast configurable in Dynamics AX/ Dynamics 365 for Operations.

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