Strengthen customer loyalty through warranty setup and sale.

Customers are increasingly opting for extended support and service, especially for consumer goods from the premium price segment.
By providing advanced purchase guarantees, retailers can help to retain customers. Dynamics 365 Commerce provides the Function to create warranty items and sell them through the retail channels.

The following table defines some warranty terms.

Time Description
Extended Warranty/Guarantee An extended warranty applies to a service contract or contract that offers customers an extended warranty. The extended warranty includes the additional service of replacing or repairing goods during the warranty period.
Warranty A manufacturer’s warranty (often referred to as a limited warranty)is the warranty that customers receive when purchasing a product.
Warranty items A warranty item is an extended-warranty item that is sold for a warrantyd item. One example is a two-year accident protection plan for laptops.
Guaranteed item A guaranteed item is a serialized product for which a warranty is sold. For example, a laptop is a guaranteed item for which two years and three years extended warranty are sold.
Warranty group A warranty group is a relationship between warranty items and guaranteed items. The POS uses warranty groups to determine which warranty items salespeople should be prompted to add when a guaranteed item is added to a customer’s shopping cart.
Warranty Policy A warranty provision is an entity that is created in Commerce when a warranty policy is sold. A warranty policy contains information such as the start and end dates of the purchased warranty item, the terms and conditions, and the serial number of the guaranteed product. Warranty policies can be shared with customers so that they have a reference for the extended warranty item they purchase

A warranty item is produced under „Retail and Retail > Products and Categories > Products“ The following example shows a set-up warranty item with a term of 2 years.

A guarantee limit has also been set for this warranty item. As soon as a product with a base price of USD 500 – USD 1,000 is sold at the POS, the sales representative is asked to add a warranty.
Channel-specific settings allow you to specify whether to display a prompt at the POS to add a warranty item when an item is placed in the customer’s shopping cart.
For settings, see „Retail and Commerce > Products and Categories > Guarantees > Warranty Settings“.

Guarantees can be made by setting up a warranty group in relation to an item.

The warranty may apply to one category or to one or more specific items.

By setting the Applicable Channels, you can specify in which retail channel the item should be sold.

Warranty item sale:

Extended warranties can be sold for a limited time on the first purchase or after the first purchase.
With two POS operations, salesreps can sell warranty items to the customer:

  • Add a warranty the first time you purchase a product – This process triggers a prompt that displays the applicable warrants for an item selected in the shopping cart.
  • Add a warranty to an existing transaction – This option allows salesreps to sell warranties for certain items that the customer has already purchased. Salesrep can find the original transaction for a specific item by entering the transaction’s document number.

When an extended warranty is sold, a warranty guideline is automatically created. Warranty policy properties are generated automatically. Currently, they cannot be configured or edited manually.
The characteristics of the warranty policies include the effective start and expiration date of the warranty, the general terms and conditions and the serial number of the warranty item.

Click here for more information about the warranty item.

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